Martin Duval, speaker at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management event on June 23rd in Berlin

Our Co-President Martin Duval will run a 1 hour online workshop titled “From Open Innovation to Collective Intelligence” on Wednesday, June 23rd from 10.05am to 11.05am.


The topics tackled during the workshop will be:


1) The last trends in Open Innovation and an ecosystemic vision of innovation management


2) What is “Massive and digital collective intelligence” and why this is going to become THE next big skill of a new paradigm of leadership and performance for major public and private organizations


3) The description of a new methodology and platform from an R&D program from The European Commission (Assembl) which enables
  3.1) to tackle a specific strategic, transformational or social issue
  3.2) to mobilize and manage a very big group of participants (from few hundreds to tens of thousands)
  3.3) to co-create with asynchronous interactions an impactful decision-making final deliverable (action plan, series of recommendations, manifesto)
  3.4) in a short time (6 to 10 weeks)


4) Based on a mix of 3 major methodological and technological:
  4.1) Open question online consultations with semantic analysis to cluster key issues
  4.2) Conversation threads (online forums) to harvest actionable solutions, problems and arguments
  4.3) Utopic Design Fiction (BrightMirror) to story tell positive futures


5) All the above illustrated by many examples and concrete cases from major corporations and public bodies


You can download the Flyer here.




Martin is the author of the book “From Open Innovation to Collective Intelligence” available here.