How can thousands of collaborators co-create their purpose?

Our experience in mass retailing


The context

In a very competitive market like mass-market retail, price is no longer enough to convince consumers. For a company to flourish, it needs to project a strong brand image defined by actions and a useful role in society.

Over a six-month period, Bluenove helped a major European retailer already well-established in its local market to co-construct its purpose and highlight its positive social impact. 


The method

Based on a 3-step approach, tens of thousands of collaborators, managers and directors shared their thoughts about the group and its values, while also capitalising on the unique characteristics and strengths of each Business Unit.

The result? 368,500 contributions (including 285,000 verbatim) from 23,800 participants – demonstrating the exceptional level of participation and involvement from collaborators that made this exercise such a success.

To achieve record levels of participation, it was important to make the approach as accessible as possible.

      • 122 ambassadors trained, given the right tools and reassured that they had full support from management, so they could be proactive on the ground
      • Carefully formulated questions and instructions to ensure maximum clarity and simplicity
      • A multi-lingual approach enabling collaborators to express themselves in their own language
      • Adapted resources – including rooms with computers in every shop, dedicated RH representatives and timeslots during worktime – to help collaborators participate as serenely as possible in optimum conditions
      • A simple platform, Assembl Flash, that was easy to use and enabled us to quickly process a huge number of contributions


    The results 

    The approach was a great success offering both quantitative and qualitative insights:

    A huge number of collaborators shared their views on strategic topics such as the Group’s vision, purpose and social & societal role as members of the organisation and as brand consumers


    The different steps in the project enabled us to bring together contributions from teams (bottom up) and strategic insights from management (top down) as transparently as possible


    This co-constructed and guided approach will help ensure teams remain committed to the new raison d’être over time



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