Design and run collective intelligence workshops

Reinvent face-to-face encounters – workshops, events and seminars – through a wide variety of methods and innovative technologies to foster collective intelligence, collect ideas and drive engagement. Or, why not opt for 100% digital workshops?

Business Case

atelier dexperience
How to design and run your digital workshops
Since march 2020, bluenove organized more than 150 virtual workshops in 2020 bringing together dozens or even hundreds of participants. Find here our best practices for designing and running your workshops !
IFCAM : the first virtual training encounters

In July 2020, the Credit Agricole Group’s University (IFCAM) organized the training encounters 100% remotely to think about the future of training.

Do Tank Territoires
« Do Tank » Circular Challenge by CITEO
bluenove has been working hand-in-hand with CITEO’s Innovation Department for the last 5 years. Discover how we organized a 100% digital 4-days workshop adapted to sanitaries constraints, and what are the results !

To implement the Caisse des Dépôts’ managerial project, we organized Managers’ Week which gathered more than 800 managers for 13 sessions of exchange and collective intelligence. Assembl Live enabled us to capture and analyze the expressions of the teams, giving even greater value to this unprecedented mobilization.

Sabine Parnigi-Delefosse
Head of Social Innovation and Quality of Life at Work - Caisse des Dépôts

Our levers

3-step process (before-during-after)

Mobilise the collective intelligence of your participants through a 3-step process to offer a richer experience: reflect on the stakes in advance, interact directly during the event (physically or remotely) and identify actionable levers once the event is over.

Choose your tools & methods

Bluenove will help you design your workshops, from sequencing to speakers. Together, we will choose the most appropriate tools to maximise interactivity and foster co-construction. We can also test innovative formats like design fiction, tribunals and flash debates.

Animating and facilitating

A successful workshop relies on different facilitation roles:  presenting, synthesising, challenging and managing knowledge to generate exchanges, whether online or on-site. We can run your workshop for you, with you or train you to do it yourself.

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