Develop dialogue and produce collective solutions

Massively mobilise your collaborators, clients, partners and citizens by sharing different points of view using our Assembl technology.

Together, let’s co-construct solutions and enable change.

Business Case

Decathlon : from Vision 2030 to Vision 2021

Over a 7-month period, French sporting goods specialist Decathlon gave its 92,000 collaborators, as well as customers and partners, the opportunity to co-write its vision for 2030. During the Covid crisis period, the vision initially set out for 2030 became Vision 2021, confirming the agility of the French favorite company.

Imagine 2030 ENGIE: a strategic conversation open to 150,000 employees

ENGIE launched an online debate process open to all its employees to co-construct the group's vision and strategy. This new approach enabled ENGIE to involve its 150,000 employees, to embody the "Purpose Company" of tomorrow.

Societe Generale: the rise of innovation and African collective intelligence

Discover the steps taken by Societe Generale in Africa to move from a pan-African community of managers and an experimental innovation system to collective intelligence on the scale of an entire continent.

caroline galinier-warrain

We initially feared that the ideas from our employees regarding our future statement of purpose would focus on philanthropic objectives. To our surprise – and quite to the contrary – the conversations we cultivated provided us with a rich pool of quotations, a breeding ground for initiatives with measurable impact to build from, as well as the identification of those employees ready to carry these initiatives in line with AXA’s objectives.

Caroline Galinier-Warrain
Head of collective Intelligence - AXA

Our levers

Evolving debate

The quality of a debate and the results produced rely on an iterative approach with several key steps.  Over periods of 6-8 weeks, the different modules on the Assembl platform enable you to problematize topics, generate and dive deeper into ideas, vote for and evaluate solutions. Offer your participants a richer and more varied co-construction experience.

Relevant, high-quality content

Generating relevant, actionable solutions requires maximum interaction and debate between participants. To achieve this, we recommend using online conversation tools like discussion forums. Our community managers will help enrich and enliven these conversations.

Hybrid approach

The success of your co-construction process relies on the capacity to massively mobilise participants.  To complement our  digital platform, adopt a hybrid approach integrating physical and/or remote workshops to bring together groups of any size. Objective? Explore specific themes, drawing on innovative co-construction formats e.g. design fiction and flash debates.

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