bluenove & RATP: Collective Intelligence to define the driving purpose

Following several weeks of consultations, 7,000 participants and 138,000 contributions, the RATP group has defined and shared its driving purpose.


Innovative French company and collective intelligence pioneer bluenove helped RATP, a major urban mobility specialist present in 13 countries, to co-construct its brand purpose statement.  After consulting collaborators and analysing the results, RATP has now unveiled its driving purpose. Find out more about the innovative massive collective intelligence methodologies used. 


bluenove and the RATP Group co-design a process bringing together the entire RATP ecosystem. At the heart of this approach, bluenove’s Assembl Flash collective intelligence platform was opened for 5 weeks to give the Group’s 64,000 collaborators the opportunity to contribute to the company’s newly defined sense of purpose.

This collective intelligence process involved:

  • Questioning the Group’s identity and understanding what collaborators are proud of
  • Encouraging employees to imagine the Group’s future and share their ideas on strategic and operational challenges
  • Identifying different elements comprising the group’s “purpose” and the major societal challenges it faces


During the 5-week consultation, 7,000 collaborators took part and made more than 138,000 contributions.

The feedback was insightful and diverse, and on analysis, revealed genuine pride and a feeling of belonging. The questionnaire protocol was based on the group’s values, challenges and priorities to find out what collaborators believe makes the company unique. The mix of open and closed questions could be accessed online in French and also in English for international collaborators.



RATP’s new purpose statement is We dedicate every day to better city living.


Different factors made it possible to mobilise so many collaborators in this co-construction process and obtain such a large number of insightful contributions:

  • Simple, streamlined platform enabling each collaborator to understand the essentials and identify themselves securely and anonymously to take part in the questionnaire
  • Multi-step analysis based on Cognito’s software to illustrate each of the challenges with collaborator verbatim – this technique enables precise analysis without deforming the original message, which is extracted word for word

To capture the themes and challenges identified by collaborators, bluenove worked with Cognito using their innovative analysis technique. Analysing the contributions involved a statistical approach to the closed questions (with scores) and lexicological analysis of the open questions. This method combines different steps including lexical analysis, indexing answers to open questions according to benchmark answers, and mapping verbatim. The analysis was partly automated and partly manual to fully understand and convey the opinions expressed by participants.

These techniques revealed diverse, informative insights based on a benchmark (11 themes and 200 challenges), as well as a shared vision of the group’s main challenges.

An online consultation involving all our employees was an essential step in co-constructing our driving purpose. The words unite the RATP group’s 64,000 employees, revealing what makes us unique and highlighting our values and convictions. And, above all, our mission to serve inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities,” concludes Sophie Mazoué, Sustainable Development Manager, RATP Group.