bluenove launches a new version of its massive collective intelligence platform Assembl

Discover the new remote chat function, reinforced infrastructure for large numbers of participants, increased automation for clients and an even more comprehensive suite of algorithms to analyse contributions.


bluenove, an innovative French company and massive collective intelligence pioneer, has launched a completely redesigned version of its Assembl platform. Prioritising open questions, discussions and multi-stakeholder access, this multilingual collective intelligence platform aims to democratise the art of consulting and co-construction. The update began in May 2020 and mobilised a team of 20.



The third generation of Assembl accelerates collective intelligence processes and analysis to meet challenges more quickly and effectively. The new platform now integrates identity federation to make it easier to create user accounts, content management to build consultation homepages (Hub) and a chat function with an analysis algorithm and indicator dashboard – not to mention the consultation module equipped with semantic grouping technology. Now available via SaaS and an annual license, the new platform offers clients greater autonomy and the possibility of deploying massive intelligence processes themselves, while also developing new skills over time.

Assembl third generation


Our objective is clear. We want to make the platform more technically reliable and our consultation interfaces more inclusive and efficient. At the same time, we’re preparing the way for clients to structure their own massive collective intelligence processes, as well as  staying at the cutting edge of analysis technologies”, explains Martin Duval, bluenove Co-president and Co-founder.


Technology that automates, boosts virtual conversations and widens the choice of analysis algorithms.


Designed to be both convivial and streamlined, this platform encourages users to participate with an inclusive and accessible approach underpinned by two main modules.

  1. Consultation module with a full choice of interfaces (including online Typeform questionnaire) and questions modes (open, closed and scored). This module enables participants to share their ideas and recommendations to generate new solutions to the problem in question. The proprietary semantic grouping algorithm helps analyse the meaning of these contributions in real-time.

  2. Multilingual conversation module for co-construction to foster conversations and debates among as many people as possible. With extensive experience in running online debates, bluenove has designed this conservation module to generate maximum exchanges and insights packed with arguments, solutions and examples. The backoffice for this module includes an indicator dashboard to help pilot the debates and measure interactions and engagement. Co-developed with Bigdatext and INRIA, the analysis algorithm identifies concrete, actionable ideas.


Assembl third generation

For Martin Duval, “The new platform reflects our desire to fully engage participants and reveal innovative, actionable solutions using modern, streamlined interfaces and cutting-edge analysis technologies. The third generation of Assembl also provides a comprehensive backoffice and greater autonomy for clients looking to move to a SaaS model.”


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