Collect ideas to accelerate decision-making

Organise large-scale consultations with collaborators, partners and citizens to bring together different ideas and points of view. Using the personalised pedagogical questionnaire built using our Assembl Flash technology, develop your strategic plan, craft a mission statement or consult local populations.

Business Case

bluenove & RATP: Collective Intelligence to define the driving purpose
Following several weeks of consultations, 7,000 participants and 138,000 contributions, the RATP group has defined and shared its driving purpose.
How can thousands of collaborators co-create their purpose?
Over a six-month period, bluenove helped a major European retailer already well-established in its local market to co-construct its purpose and highlight its positive social impact. Learn about our experience in mass retailing !

Our statement of purpose is the result of a massive internal mobilization with more than 138,000 contributions collected from all of our employees. Moreover, it was an opportunity for us to work with our external stakeholders and reflect together on our company’s future role in society.

Catherine Guillouard
CEO - RATP group

Our levers

Short, adapted & personalised

This kind of consultation can be deployed over several days or weeks – it is simple, fast, intuitive and accessible to all. Personalise your pedagogical questionnaire, ensuring anonymity and maximum security.

The right questions

With deep expertise in questiology, we help you create the right kind of questions for your target audience. Together, we will set an optimal mix of open, closed and scored questions to engage participants and enhance the quality of the answers.

Fast feedback

Connect with the full intelligence of your participants. Drawing on the latest analysis technologies (including semantic and lexicological),  highlight recurring concerns, consensus and areas of difference, as well as key verbatims.

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