Shaping Tomorrow: How Youth Perspectives are Revolutionizing Climate Action

The Unheard Voices in Climate Discourse As the countdown towards a climate tipping point accelerates, the narrative surrounding the climate crisis grows increasingly critical. Dominated by experienced scientists, savvy politicians, and innovative entrepreneurs, this discourse tends to echo tried-and-tested narratives. Yet, another profoundly resonant voice exists the Youth’s voice. The chorus of Youth is not…

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Future-Proofing Education: Embracing Capabilities Over Knowledge

Navigating Uncharted Waters – The Need for Capabilities over Credentials   Just over a decade ago, I was enveloped in the arcane language of the law, charting my course through the dense labor and social regulations labyrinth. The call of the legal profession, with its promise of rigorous intellectual discipline, secure employment, and elevated social…

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Amplifying Young Voices: How Youth Talks Shapes the Future of our Societies

With groundbreaking techniques and a people-centric approach, this global youth consultation is revolutionizing how we listen to the next generation and propel their voices on the global stage. As a tool for change, the Youth Talks aims to inform the decision-making of key stakeholders at all levels of our societies: educational institutions, governments, international organizations,…

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Youth Talks gives a voice to the young people worlwilde

From October, 14th to March, 31st, young people (15-29yo) worldwide are invited to take part in Youth Talks, a massive collective intelligence consultation. The Higher education for Good Foundation, which is launching this initiative, is expecting tens of thousands of respondents.
Thanks to an online platform and offline activities, the youth can share their ideas, concerns, dreams, and expectations for the future.