Draw on data to reveal your collective intelligence

👨‍💻👩‍💻Have you just completed a questionnaire, a survey (internal or customer survey) or a barometer?

Using semantic and lexicological analysis technologies, Assembl Data quickly analyses verbatims – from dozens to hundreds of thousands – extracted from our consultation formats or your own datasets.

💡The aim? Highlight recurring themes, reveal areas of agreement and disagreement and hunt out valuable insights.

“Bluenove brings highly sophisticated analysis capabilities, able to take data from multiple sources and translate it into actionable insights for an organization. Not only do they bring a professionalism and expertise to the fairly new concept of collective intelligence; they are a pleasure to work with, always available and engaged in the project at hand.”

Laura Johnson-Hill
VP Communication interne - Schneider Electric

Our levers

Multi-faceted analysis

Natural language recognition, semantic analysis,  emotion analysis… By combining different methodologies, you can identify the main concerns shared by your participants. When appropriate, we enhance the careful analysis carried out by our analysts with automated processes.

Key ideas & communities of shared interests

Using our different technologies, you can quickly identify recurring elements in participant feedback, pick out subtle signs and key contributions… to reveal common goals and hidden talent!

Data visualisation to facilitate decision-making

We provide an innovative way to represent  complex problems. Using cutting-edge synthesis formats, capitalize on the  full value of the contributions to help identify key levers.

Get the “food for decision-making” you need to swing into action.

Our references