ISPIM & bluenove 2020 partnership

ISPIM and bluenove are proud to announce their partnership this year.

ISPIM – the International Society for Professional Innovation Management – is a community of members from research, industry, consulting and the public sector, all sharing a passion for innovation management – how to successfully create new products, processes and services from ideas to stimulate economic growth and well-being. Formed in Norway in 1983, ISPIM is the oldest, largest and most active truly international innovation network.

Since 2014, Bluenove has been developing a collective intelligence platform named Assembl, which its Co-Founder Martin Duval claims to be in 2020 “the next generation software platform for innovation management”. Up to now, Assembl has been used by major corporations to tackle strategic and transformation issues involving hundreds and thousands of participants over 6 to 10 week long online debates. It appears now also ready to address new innovation management needs to scale the co-design of innovative solutions and problem solving. Martin Duval will present the details of why and how during the different events organized by ISPIM in 2020 (Bangkok, Berlin and Osaka) and through papers co-published with his team for ISPIM.

The Assembl platform consists of a hybrid set of methodologies and software modules as well as an ambitious technological road map including advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyze massive contributions from participants.

In order to introduce Assembl, bluenove and ISPIM have chosen to use one of its modules, IMAGINE, also branded as BRIGHT MIRROR (Trademark) when used for design fiction to produce utopian stories of the future in a given domain.

Bluenove and ISPIM are therefore partnering in 2020 to invite all innovation managers, practitioners, experts, academics already members of the ISPIM network as well as bluenove customers, and innovation management lovers worldwide to write or co-write stories to imagine what the future of innovation management will be in 2030, 2040 or 2050…

All you have to do is imagine and start your story, written alone or with colleagues, at work or during a workshop.

Three easy-to-follow guidelines:

  • Start your story with “I arrive at work that morning of 2040, and ….” or “Let me tell you the story of this innovation project which started that morning in 2030…” or “Let’s talk how collaborative innovation became in 2050…”
  • Write between 10 and 20 lines, which is plenty for a short story
  • Adopt a positive mindset

Once uploaded the stories may be enriched through comments from other participants bringing extra ideas, and analysed to capture their creative insights. Bluenove and ISPIM will find a way to reward and promote the best stories at the end of 2020.

We hope you enjoy this design fiction #BrightMirror experience provided by the collective intelligence platform Assembl developed by bluenove.

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