Collective Intelligence – The African Paradigm

Before diving into collective intelligence, let’s talk first about innovation. The last 10 years have plunged the world into a deep economic, political and social crisis. While creating a profound mistrust of established financial and economical models in Western countries, this crisis has brought to light alternative practices, philosophies and models that existed all the…

Crowd in React Europe

We were at React Europe

One of our lead developers, Aryan Yazdani, heads to React Europe conference in order to learn about the latest in the React world

Are women key to better collective intelligence?

The idea that some people are possess a higher level of general intellect than others, that some people are simply smarter than others, has been accepted in psychology for more than a century. But the new question has become, does this principle apply to groups as well? Are some groups simply smarter than others? If…

Direct democracy

This week we’ve been working hard on the launch of our collective intelligence software, Assembl. We have a few large projects kicking off and the preparation has got us thinking about its applications for direct democracy. It turns out many people aren’t aware of the concept or how it can be applicable to them in…