Large Group seeks Collective Intelligence Director

This is not a real job offer, yet. But, I predict this kind of job description will soon start appearing to cover new responsibilities within large public and private organisations.

To continue on from the ideas I set out in The CEO is Dead. Long Live the Collective Intelligence Officer in Usbek & Rica, I’m convinced that the future of Leadership, Performance and Impact relies on the capacity of large companies to mobilise (massively and quickly using digital), the collective intelligence of stakeholders within their internal and external ecosystems, and that this kind of job advertisement will therefore flourish.

Here’s what a typical job offer for this new emblematic role might look like:

About Us: large group and market leader with several thousand employees in France and internationally. We recognise the importance of mobilising all our talents to meet an array of challenges (strategic, change & societal) and bringing them together to collectively create new solutions, set priorities, accelerate our transformation and increase our agility. We are convinced that the commitment of our teams relies on our capacity to involve them in our strategic challenges at the earliest possible stage and as often as possible. We believe that innovation should draw on new kinds of understanding and expertise to build a new discipline developed transversely at every level of our organisation, massive, digital Collective Intelligence.

We will co-create our 5-year vision by inviting all employees to participate in an approach inspired by SAFARI by Société Générale in Africa. We are convinced that this new knowledge and understanding needs to be deployed openly for our customers, suppliers, future talents in schools and universities, partners, start-ups and, more generally, society as a whole. In the long-term, we hope to organise giant open debates on collective intelligence, on our own and with partners from within our ecosystem, as a concrete and integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Your career path and profile: 10 – 15 years of experience within a large organisation, experience of “bottom-up” strategies and change management either for:

  • Innovation Department developing an innovation culture using collaborative tools such as Innovation Competitions/ Hackathons, co-building a new offering e.g. monitoring communities on company social networks and intrapreneurial programmes.
  • Leadership Development (HR) or Corporate University, developing a learning organisation and culture, deploying a large-scale training strategy with a strong collaborative element, defining a management framework and co-constructed values.
  • Digital Department, developing collaborative internal and external uses, online communities and work groups for company social network tools and platforms.
  • Transformation or Change Management Department, with a least one project requiring the involvement of several hundred or thousand participants, ideally with a mix of online techniques and face-to-face workshops.

*Being comfortable with methods and platforms like Assembl would be an advantage. 

Your mission and roles:

 1) Identify and select (with IT and purchasing teams) the most up-to-date and adapted collective intelligence and digital tools to deploy in an international environment

2) Design, develop and deploy a new skill within the group that involves mobilising (with internal communications teams) and promoting employee collective intelligence, massively and digitally.

3) Accompany and implement a collective intelligence approach supported by other departments e.g. strategy, innovation, transformation, marketing and HR.

4) Create new metrics for managing talents and new KPIs for collective intelligence within the organisation.

5) Build Success Stories demonstrating we are more innovative together and we have significantly reduced our innovation, transition and transformation cycles.

Your qualities: 

  • You are convinced that a company’s unsolved problems can be overcome by mobilising and promoting collective intelligence
  • Your taste for innovative would enable you to manage ambitious “firsts” with resilience and humility
  • Your natural curiosity would help you place this new discipline and methods at the service of a wide array of topics
  • Your empathy, capacity to teach and open, sharing values would enable you to support managers in appropriating these new skills and applying them to concrete, impactful projects.

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Calling all recruiters and budding Collective Intelligence Directors!