HR Strategy 2020: Transform your HR function into a Collective Intelligence Laboratory…

Digital tsunamis, managerial innovation, employees’ experience… As a Business Partner, the HR function must be two steps ahead of transformation issues.

To enable this advance, we are firmly convinced that the HR function must be transformed into a collective intelligence agency.

Behind this change, we are paving the way to reinforce a weak signal: pushing the organisation to recognise collective performance. Managers often find themselves at a loss when it comes to tools when it comes to accepting the way in which employees participate in the collective effort because most of the time current HR tools value individual performance. When HR partners try to identify leads, the rigidity of traditional procedures and systems demotivates the most resilient.

How to highlight collective performance?

How can this change be successful?

1° Making the HR function aware of collective intelligence: Creating momentum

Build hundreds or thousands of HR managers a new value proposition for employees, familiarise themselves with critical trends (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented body, etc.), develop design thinking or use rapid prototyping tools, etc. These challenges are complex but can be addressed using the collective intelligence value chain. A single watchword: raising awareness of the need for change.

2° Experimenting collective intelligence by and for the HR function: Prototyping the HR THINK TANK

Before evangelising the organisation, there is nothing better than being able to experience the high number and co-construction for one’s function.

Initial question:”Why should our value proposition for employees be differentiating?

Secondary question:”What elements would make our HR value proposition unique?

Tertiary question:”How do we deploy these new services?

Next question:”What are our priorities for this year?

In 2 months, the HR function is invited to recreate a value proposition by going through the following steps:

1) Making sense of the value proposition

2) Develop disruptive ideas

3) Explore feasibility and success conditions (drawing on outside or industry best practices)

4) Select priorities to land concrete deliverables

3° Opening the debate to employees: Opening the HR THINK TANK

The challenge here is to initiate an experience of collective intelligence by encouraging employees to share their opinions on a subject that concerns them all, without distinction of rank, service, city or seniority.

What services would employees want?

What could sound ideas seen elsewhere HR draw on?

Which priorities would be selected by the collaborators?

Here are some questions to start a fruitful and learning conversation. Direct consequences: discover weak signals and HR breakthrough proposals, engage employees differently than through an annual survey, experiment a new way of working…

4° Unleashing the HR initiative: Creating the HR DO TANK

Create an HR Laboratory to prototype, test and pilot proofs of concept for new HR services. A physical and digital platform based on experimentation, caring, open innovation and learning.

A Laboratory is a hybrid meeting place between the HR function, employees from different backgrounds, stakeholders in the company’s ecosystem, opinion leaders, do-it-yourselfers, adventurers, corporate hackers, change enthusiasts… Those who are curious and who push to move forward. Here the function has the opportunity to test new postures and acculturate to the latest trends in managerial innovation.

5° Choose to scale up: #makeithappen 2020

The final stage of the transformation, daring to deploy the most promising projects between 2018 and 2020, highlighting collective history, learning and spreading the wings of the new HR 2020 value proposition.

Mobilize the most significant number around a key issue and co-construct solutions in 2 months with assembl: