Hypios and bluenove join their forces to propose an advanced new offer in Open Innovation

Paris, 26 October 2011 — bluenove and Hypios have signed a partnership agreement to offer clients a complete, single-contract solution for open-innovation adoption and open problem-solving.

Created in 2008, bluenove has managed more than 70 projects and supported more than 30 major clients, including corporations like Orange, Essilor, SUEZ environnement or Natura Brazil, on the best way to develop an open and collaborative mindset and culture to boost innovation.

bluenove has defined its own implementation framework and methodologies, ‘the 12 levers of Open Innovation,’ to leverage not only the creativity from the ecosystem of outside partners (players from other industries, startups, labs, customers, suppliers, etc.) but also the inside skills and expertise from all employees. One of these key levers is the ability to solve problems.

Since 2009, Hypios has been solving problems for a global clientele of medium-to-huge businesses. Hypios combines intelligent crowdsourcing, competency discovery technology, and human outreach to deliver an optimal open problem-solving service.

bluenove believes that Hypios, with its core proprietary technology and tested method,  is currently the best solution provider on the market.  “Seekers,” assisted by bluenove, post R&D problems to hypios.com, and select a deadline and a prize to be awarded to the successful “Solver.” Hypios draws from a network of over 800,000 experts spread across the globe and across diverse fields of expertise.

“Hypios will be a key asset and a great fit in our portfolio of open innovation services. Hypios’s proven experience and advanced semantic technology will help clients in constant need of faster and better means to develop their products,” said Martin Duval, CEO of Bluenove.

Hypios CEO Daniel de Segovia Gross believes that this partnership will be great for Seekers and Solvers alike:
“bluenove, the national leader in open innovation, is a dream partner for Hypios. The bluenove approach to open innovation is in line with our core belief in the power of collaborative networks. Because R&D problems are essentially human-resource problems, intelligent crowdsourcing and competency discovery services like ours are changing the way companies innovate.”

Websites: www.hypios.com and www.bluenove.com

Press contact for Hypios:

Saman Musacchio
+33 (0)1 77 13 67 79

Press contact for bluenove:

Thomas Boullonnois
Rumeur Publique
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